Enhance your eyes, the windows to your soul with semi-permanent, individual eyelash extensions.....


At OcchiLashClub we specialize in top quality products that are formaldehyde free, safe and long lasting. We have a wide variety of lengths, widths, colors and styles from a natural look as pictured above to a more dramatic look pictured below.  We customize the lashes to your satisfaction and desire. You can visually take years off your age with extensions that last for the life of your lash and add volume, color and enhancement to make your eyes pop. Each lash technician is certified and licensed with years of experience. We customize our services for each client to satisfy their specific desire. Our real payment is to see the satisfaction on our clients face when they see their new reflection in the mirror.  Your eyes are the center focus when you meet someone and enhancing your lashes can give yoiu  confidence for that "interview" or meeting that special someone so you stand out above the crowd!  Extensions make you instantly look and feel years younger and save you precious time in your daily routine.  Say goodbye to your mascara and move up to the world of  lash extensions....we promise, you'll never look back! 

"We are thrilled to introduce the newest craze in the lash industry that includes extensions on both the TOP and BOTTOM lashes, our Glamour Set (shown below) as well as customized "bling" or "jeweled" lashes, 2 TONED lashes for that "hint" of color to enhance your eye color and the popular 2D and 3D lashes or "stacked" lashes that add fullness without the weight!" 

Glamour Lashes shown above.

Two Toned and Jeweled Lashes shown above.

2D and 3D Lash Extensions NOW AVAILABLE at discount prices for a limited time.

Call today to schedule your appointment at (512) 788-3005 or complete the information on our "contact us" page and someone will contact you within business hours. 

Occhi transalation in Italian is eye-OcchiLashClub=EyeLashClub

13343 N183, Suite 400, Austin, TX 78750   


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