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Austin Lash Club where all Lash Technicians hold a MASTER EYELASH SPECIALTY LICENSE.. Voted Best Value and Quality for Eyelash Extensions in NW Austin.

Welcome to NWA Lash Club!   

At NWA Lash Club we specialize in top quality products that are formaldehyde free, safe and long lasting. We have a wide variety of lengths, widths, colors and styles from a natural look (pictured below) to a more glamorous dramatic look (pictured  above.)  We customize your lashes to your satisfaction and desire. You can visually take years off your age with extensions that last for the life of your lash and add volume, color and enhancement to

make your eyes pop!

Our Lash Technicians hold "MASTER LASH" Certifications, Specialty Lash Extension Licenses with extensive training (minimum of 355 classroom hours) with  5+ years of experience!  The average lash technician in the market does not hold a Specialty Lash Extension license and has less than 10 hours of training on average per statistics including most estheticians!      

Fills are recommended every 2 weeks but vary per client and are required to maintain healthy, full lashes.  Human lashes naturally regenerate on average every 90 days and each life has it's unique timeline.  Unlike your hair on your scalp-the average person regenerates1-5 lashes everyday.  99.9% of us require a fill for the new growth approximatey every14 days to stay "full".  Lash Extensions DO NOT harm your lashes if they are applied correctly by a trained, licensed professional with safe and effective products and maintained properly.   

Your eyes are the center focus when you meet someone and enhancing your  lashes can give you confidence for that "interview" or  special date so you stand out above the crowd and all eyes are on you!  Extensions make you instantly look and feel years younger and save you precious time in your daily routine.  Say goodbye to your mascara and move up to the world of  lash extensions....we promise, you'll never look back! 

Full Set for a natural, professional look!  

 Glamour Set (shown below) includes both top and bottom lashes.      

Two Toned and Jeweled Sets shown below


2D and 3D and 5D Lash Extensions also available.

Call or Text to schedule your appointment today-(512)788-3005 for NW Austin, TX residents and (479)966-7007 for NW Arkansas residents or complete the information on our "contact us" page and someone will contact you within 24 hours during normal business hours. 


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